Looking Back & Forth

10th Sep 2015

Back…BLT recently took a look back at the last year and all that has been achieved in that time. For a group of local residents, all volunteers, we’ve not done too badly in our ongoing efforts to improve our community for everyone living in it.

For a start, more than £61,000 of funding has been awarded to local groups and organisations delivering services and projects to the residents, and then there is the new skatepark too of course!

To get things moving we also split into sub groups each concentrating on specific groups: Seniors, Young People, Social Investment, Skatepark and general Publicity, working with professionals from a huge range of backgrounds  to guide and support us along the way.

Then there’s the new website where so much info can now be found, including how to apply for funding, info on the project itself, details of community events etc

Forth…we looked at what the aims should be for the next year, out of all the things that residents have been telling us they would like to see improve.

Hard work, but worth every minute.

Would you like to get involved? Get in touch via the contact page on the website or give us a call on 07976 565329