Social activities for all

24th Jan 2017

We are looking at starting up and/or joining in some social activities where local people can join in if you would like to. Sometimes it can be hard to go along to things on your own or if you don’t know anyone but we’re a friendly bunch & many of you will recognise us even if you don’t know our name.

We mentioned the idea of socials on our Streetlife page, Janet got in touch and a couple of us arranged to meet her at Al’s café in Meredith Rd and this is what Janet had to say afterwards:

“I went along this morning & got a very friendly welcome from Faye & Tracey they told me the Big Local Trust covers everyone from children to pensioners.  The social group is in its early stages so now is a good time to join.  The activities are mostly chosen by the group like meals out, walks, quiz to name a few.

If you’re lonely & looking to make new friends this is the group for you.  Come along next Mon at 9.30am Faye / Tracey will be there for an hour to discuss all the activities at Al’s Café on Meredith Road”.


Thank you Janet, we really enjoyed chatting to you and we clearly have a lot in common. See you soon!