Grant for Local Disability Group

5th Dec 2016

Rebecca Jackaman reports….

I found out about the Big Local Trust, when a member of the partnership came to my local Girls’ Brigade just before the summer holidays. One thing led to another, and I joined the partnership’s youth group, D2U (Diversity 2 Unity), to help advertise Progression Sessions.

Of course, as I am no longer considered a youth(!) I accepted the invitation to come to a Partnership Meeting in June. Though I am one of the youngest people in the group, everyone is lovely and friendly.Three months on, I have been writing the minutes for each meeting since July.

“I recently became involved with a group in the north west of Ipswich that is in partnership with the Big Local Trust. The BLT is an organisation which enables residents to improve their local area. This can be done by developing the residents’ skills and confidence to decide what matters to them and allowing them to voice what they think needs to be changed.

Rebecca Jackaman, Progression Sessions

Most significantly, the North West Ipswich BLT has £1 million to spend on the community. As a result, RJ Endeavours (that’s my company) is being given £2,000 by NW Ipswich BLT for Progression Sessions. This will be spent on camera equipment to get the YouTube channel off the ground

You’re very welcome Rebecca and we look forward to the updates! NWI BLT