The Partnership

We’re a group of local residents who each live in the wards of Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill and who are responsible for all decision making and allocation of funding associated with the project.

It’s no good keep moaning about things in the past. Unless people are prepared to put the effort in and make sure that their views are known, things won’t change in the future

The North West Ipswich Big Local Trust Partnership—or NWIBLTP which doesn’t roll off the tongue too quick either—is made up of Resident Members and Advisory Members who come from a range of statutory agencies, business and the voluntary and community sector.

If you like to dot I’s and cross T’s we’ve made available for download our Memorandum of Understanding (together with an Appendix) that provides details of our membership, governance and Partnership Agreement with Local Trust.

Castle Hill Community Centre Trust looks after us as our Local Trusted Organisation (LTO)

Organisational chart June 2017