The Plan

NW Ipswich Big Local Trust was one of the first 50 Big Local areas to be set up as part of the programme, was the first nationally to have its plan endorsed and was the first Big Local project to receive its funding.

Our aspiration: A more cohesive community, which brings together the three wards of Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill, breaking down the barriers between each, promoting a positive image for the area.

We are really excited that we can now begin to put our plans into operation. Local residents have identified the needs, we now have the means. We hope that as many people as possible from North West Ipswich will benefit from this funding.

Dr Ron Impey, Chair of the NW Ipswich Big Local Trust Partnership

Our objectives

We’ve identified a number of key objectives for the Partnership and each year we decide which to focus on.

1: To bring our community together to socialise and learn new things.

2: To get people working as a community and to improve our surroundings and services

3; to work with parents and others to improve support for our children

4: To enable our young people to reach their full potential and improve their life chances.

5:  To enable our older people tackle social isolation and maintain their physical and mental health.

6: To get our older and younger people working together.

7: To increase the range of activities that our community members can take part in.

8: To enable our community to avoid high-interest doorstop lending and loan sharks.

9: To encourage healthy lifestyles

We spent a lot of time devising our plan, based on the Big Ideas put forward by residents in the area, and regularly review it to make sure it matches what we want to do in the future. For the nitty gritty, download a copy of our Big Local Plan, the refreshed Plan for 2014-2018 and the refreshed plan for 2015-2019