Cause to Celebrate

13th Jan 2016

North West Ipswich Big Local Trust was delighted to celebrate with various organisations and groups the work they had achieved together over the past three years within the Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill areas

This first Celebration evening was held in early December at the Meeting Place in Limerick Close and was attended by representatives of more than thirty organisations, schools and local groups.

The event showcased the different projects that NWI Big Local Trust had been involved in, especially the main project of a Skatepark in Whitehouse Park, which was completed late 2015.

To be more visual and readily available to the community NWI Big Local Trust explained that there were plans to open an office in Meredith Road in the near future.

The event was a great opportunity for these groups and organisations to discuss their past and present work in the community with NWI Big Local Trust. They showed great interest and support for the projects that NWI Big Local Trust were considering for the future to help increase involvement by the local community.

During the buffet break excellent entertainment was provided by Tommy with his Punch and Judy show.

NWI Big Local Trust wanted to acknowledge the tremendous work done by individuals within this community. Their dedicated work ranged widely from raising funds for sick children, helping local groups to grow and thrive, introducing nature areas, improving football club facilities to helping their next door neighbour.

Reverend Jutta Brueck was pleased to present these awards to these remarkable and outstanding individuals.

A special award went to Leah Douglas who was instrumental in forming NWI Big Local Trust three years ago and helped the resident members to continue the work of the Big Local Trust.

The evening ended with rousing carol singing from members

With such an successful evening NWI BLT is looking forward to making this an annual event.