Looking back on our amazing achievements in year 4 & planning year 5!

5th Feb 2017

On February 4th 2017 we held our annual Away Day when members look back on the successes of the previous year and decide actions for the next. We looked back on the many projects that we have done ourselves, or supported in some way, and at how much impact that work had on the community.

We analysed the grants system that we have used to date with the biannual Grant Award Scheme and the rolling Community Chest Fund and decided the way forwards. Whilst we felt strongly that as important as this way of funding had been important to date, there are other ways to support groups, organisations and the whole community for the next stage of this 10+ years project.

Whilst we work through the details we have voted to suspend the Grant Award Scheme and the Community Chest.

If you have any questions or an idea for a project, you can contact us in the usual ways including via our contact form on here or by calling Faye on 07976565329 or email us at: info@nwipswichblt.co.uk