Outdoor Science Classroom

2nd May 2016

The first science lesson has been held in the new outdoor classroom that is the Sunshine Corner Memorial Garden.

The development of the overgrown wasteland on the school premises into Sunshine Corner Memorial Garden has provided the school with an amazing resource for our children. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm on their faces as they engage in their learning outside.

On behalf of the Friends of Whitton School, the staff and children I would like to thank our funders NWI BLT, NW Area Committee, Councillor Kathy Bowles and all the parents for their support.

Mrs Hill

What it means to the children, written from the heart!

In the Sunshine Corner, we explored and discovered the wonderful nature we could do science which made more people interested.

It used to be a waste of space but thanks to the Friends of Whitton School it transformed into a learning space where children could find out about different plants and birds. In some science lessons we went outside to look around and spot insects in their habitats or draw over sycamore leaves.

We also had a pond in the Sunshine Corner. The Sunshine Corner has now boosted peoples science brains and has made them more interested.

Kelis, Pupil of Whitton Primary School

In the Sunshine Corner there is a large amount of space to work in and it means a lot due to the fact it’s a memory of my brother Kaylen.

In the Sunshine Corner we can explore and learn and even express our feelings. Learning outside will affect science and any outside learning in a good way. The Sunshine Corner used to be a waste of space but now it’s a step forward for learning – in fresh air rather than in a classroom all the time.

Cody, Pupil of Whitton Primary School.