NWI BLT nominated for the Colonel Probert Award

18th Aug 2016

Exciting news, we’ve been nominated for an award by our Project Officer Faye Smith!

Faye recently told our resident volunteers and advisors that she has nominated us for a Community Action Suffolk award, “The Colonel Probert award” – for community initiative. This award is for an organisation that has worked for the benefit of the community. This could be an organisation which has made a real and positive impact on the community by:


Empowering the community to make their own decisions

Strengthening the community to become more resilient

Encouraging all members of a community to participate and make a real difference


Our nomination

“The North West Ipswich Big Local Trust is a resident led community group which has 22 volunteer voting members on its committee. The Partnership serves the deprived wards of Whitton, Whitehouse and Castle Hill in Ipswich.  This truly initiative programme enables the residents to make all the decisions within the project.

In 2015, the partnership successfully enhanced its community through the development and construction of a skate park. Through extensive consultation, the partnership concluded that this had been a dream for the community for nearly 10 years. Through the dedication, passion, insight and most importantly committed and able volunteers this dream became a reality. Hundreds of local school children use the skatepark every month. A local shop wrote to the partnership thanking them for giving the local children a place to skate, which had previously been their car park. The park encourages friendships and reduces stigma.

In short, this has been a great partnership between Ipswich Borough Council, NWIBLT and The Sita Trust. This project clearly demonstrates what can be achieved when people work together for the common good.

We are proud of this achievement and hope it will inspire other community groups to take action.”