Alfie Fletcher is awarded with Community Star Award

11th Aug 2016

Alfie was nominated by his mum for a Community Star Award following his bravery and wonderful fundraising achievement! This is what his mum told us:

“Alfie is aged 9 and goes to St Pancras Primary School in NW Ipswich. He came home from school and told me about his mates cousin who is 20 and has been suffering from testicular cancer!

He felt very upset for him and asked if he could raise money for teenage cancer by shaving his hair off. (his mate had also done this for him). I was very proud of him to be so thoughtful, especially as he loves his long hair.

So I think Alfie deserves this award along with many other children who support these things!”

Alfie has so far raised over £400! Well done Alfie, NW Ipswich Big Local Trust is very proud of you!

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