The Lottie Shed

24th Oct 2016

The opening of the ‘Lottie Shed’

On a sunny September morning residents of the North West Ipswich Big Local Trust were able to finally reap the fruits of their labour. Dogged, hardworking and resilient, two somewhat understated resident members, Betty and Roy Howes were finally able to open ‘The Lottie Shed’ – a building that will support the educational and social needs of the community, with a specific focus on gardening.

This had been quite some journey for Betty and Roy, as they went through a long and at times challenging journey from setting up as a ‘Friends of’ group, to writing funding applications and developing and retaining strong networks. The result of such resilience has meant that the community now have a great building to use and two residents who have grown in confidence and developed an ability to take control. They are inspirational to others

Funding has come from Ipswich Borough Council Area committee, Suffolk County Councillor James Crossley and North West Ipswich Big Local Trust.

We are proud of Betty, Roy and all at the Whitton Allotments and we can’t wait to use the building.

Do get in touch if you would like to use the space.