2016 has been an exciting year in our mission to increase support for our young people!

6th Nov 2016

We have great pleasure in announcing that Whitton, Whitehouse & Castle Hill have two new youth workers who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to their new posts. We welcome and congratulate Andy Fell and Glen Chisholm, wishing you both good luck in your new roles! If you would like to chat to either Andy or Glen they would love to hear from you.

Andy Fell-Youth Worker

  • We have supported Whitton Youth Partnership (WYP) a charity which serves young people in North West Ipswich from the beginning and in September we awarded £15,000 to part fund a new post of a youth worker. WYP match funded the remaining funds.
  • Local young people were involved in the shortlisting selection and were on the interview panel, providing experience of being on the other side of an interview table!
  • Andy Fell commenced his new role in September on an 18 month contract and has a panel of enthusiastic volunteers to support him in meeting his objectives.
  • WYP is a charity which draws together numerous community projects in North West Ipswich; including Holiday Club, Stepping Up, Saturday Morning Movie Club and others to come. They are an umbrella charity whose aim is to serve young people in North West Ipswich by running and supporting projects across the area.
  • You can contact Andy by email wypandy@gmail.com  or on 07873689576

Glen Chisholm-Community Engagement worker

  • Glen has been on the Partnership panel as an Advisor from the beginning of BLT, initially within his role with ISCRE, and has been and continues to be very supportive.
  • This Community Development post, will be looking at North West Ipswich, and specifically, Whitehouse.
  • Managed by Ipswich Community Media and funded by Ipswich Community Ventures, through social investor Don Young for 1 year.
  • Glen commenced his new role in October
  • You can contact Glen by email glen@ipswichcm.org.uk

Glen told us; “I’m really looking forward to getting started. The role is Project Leader for Ipswich Community Media in Whitehouse. The purpose is to work with community groups and to help residents consider how the quality of life in their community can be enhanced by initiatives from within their neighbourhood.

It’s a community engagement role looking to enhance social cohesion and create positive experiences of community life though various mediums.

Though my work as a councillor and my time as Mayor I’m proud of the work the BLT do in the North West Area and look forward to working with them on this project and see them as natural partners”.